Seal Coating

Sealcoating is a routine pavement maintenance service, used to protect pavement from sun and oxidation, water, as well as motor oil and gasoline. High performance sealcoating seals in the vital oils of the asphalt mix, improving the appearance of the asphalt with a uniform black color. This also makes it easier to clean the surface of sand, dirt and debris. Sunland recommends that sealcoating be performed every two to three years and is a staple in every pavement maintenance plan.
The process begins with a thorough cleaning of the asphalt. From there, the sealcoat can be applied with either a squeegee or spray. Squeegee applied sealer is spread over the asphalt with a large squeegee affixed to the back of a truck. Spray applied sealer is applied by hand using a spray wand, applied mechanically with spray bars on a squeegee machine or distributor truck. Prior to applying sealcoat, the pavement must be trimmed around curbs, pavement edges, etc. that may be difficult to spray. This is usually accomplished by hand trimming with soft brooms and hand squeegees or by spraying against a spray shield held directly against the curb or pavement edge. Additional coats are applied as needed. A sealcoat typically takes up to 24 hours to cure and dry enough to drive on. Sealcoats can be walked on in 4-6 hours, depending on the temperatures.

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