Asphalt Overlay

An Asphalt Overlay is a new layer of asphalt which is applied directly over existing asphalt. The overlay installation is generally 2 inches thick depending on the use and requirement of the area. Any problem areas such as pot holes and highly damaged sections are repaired prior to installation. An asphalt overlay can be a cost effective and durable solution to full depth asphalt replacement when the structural integrity of the existing surface is sufficient.


Full Depth Asphalt Patching and Pot Hole Repair

Repairing pot holes and damaged asphalt areas is vital to protecting the overall life of your asphalt pavement. Failing areas can quickly deteriorate into larger and costlier repair needs. Our services include removal of old and warn asphalt at full depth, and replacement with new hot mix asphalt.

Full Depth Asphalt Replacement

When the structural integrity of the current surface is insufficient to accept an Asphalt Overlay, a Full Depth Asphalt Replacement may be required. The current asphalt could have deteriorated as a result of many factors. Deferred maintenance, soft sub-base, inadequate asphalt thickness, heavy traffic, poor drainage, excessive moisture or just being worn out from age can all play a significant role in the failure of your asphalt pavement. A full replacement allows us to address the cause of the current failure and place new asphalt that meets the needs of the paved environment. Add before and after pics